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Show up for yourself your kids your desires with zero sacrifices & zero shame

Rediscover the Queen you were before motherhood

Fulfill your goals and desires while “momming” and having fun.

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Hey Queen, I'm Heather, Mom of two beautiful girls.

Let me be the first in line to remind you that it’s okay to put yourself first and take centre stage. You deserve to create the life you have always wanted while raising your kids, but I acknowledge it’s not always an easy ride.

I’ve walked through it myself. In 2012, my first-born son passed away one hour after his birth, and I fell into a deep and dark depression. Fast forward to 5 months later, during a mental health check-in, I was told I was 8 weeks pregnant. I knew, from that point on, my mission was to be available to raise my kids and to help other moms do the same, WITHOUT the guilt of wanting to put themselves first.

No more excuses. No more guilt. There Is Hope.

If you have experienced trauma or are struggling with balancing your work life and motherhood, you too can see your way through the darkness with even with the tiniest of light.

Whether it’s burnout, overwhelm, creating a work-life balance or mom-guilt you’re struggling with, let’s reclaim your right to reign.


No more negotiating your wants and desires.


Trust your inner self & prime yourself to rise.


Take back FULL control of your own life.

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Self-Care Planner

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It’s time to put YOUR needs first and to start reclaiming a happy home-work-life balance.

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Achieving more in your business and life, without feeling overworked or overwhelmed

Making room for more “me time”, despite your busy schedule

Focusing on yourself for a change instead of running around trying to please everyone else

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